Herbal Infused Yoni Oil


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Combat odor causing bacteria, heal your vulva and balance your PH with this natural feminine oil. PH balancing and feminine intimate care

-yoni bacteria
-PH levels
-Health of the yoni
-Soreness and itchiness 
-Intimate Moments
-yoni dryness 
-Painful Cramps
-Heavy menstrual flows
-Improves libido


Put 2-3 drops to clean fingers after a wash. Apply immediately on the mons pubis and rub it in. Massage the clitoris for 20-30 seconds for additional pleasure. It can be kept on or can be washed off if extremely sensitive or wishing to become acclimated to the product. It may also be used on the bikini region, inter thigh area and other parts of the body. After intercourse, this can be used to help alleviate bacteria. Apply to the lower stomach a few times a day while suffering pains for period cramps. Also use a few days before and during your period. 

This Natural oil is best for those who don't normally experience irritation or sensitivity to new products. 

DISCLAIMER: If you notice any irritation, please discontinue use. Should an allergic reaction occur, please note we are not responsible. Advice to do a patch test before using. If expecting a child, seek advice about usage with a doctor first.
IMPORTANT: This product does not contain any preservatives, so please try to keep away from water. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. 

* Non-GMO 

* Cruelty-Free

* Plant-Based 

* Chemical Free

* PH Balanced

* Fragrance Free