About Us

Embellie skincare Is a unisex skincare brand which consists of 100% natural products for problem skin & skin brightening which will help individuals eliminate acne, stretch marks, blemishes, pimples, eczema, hyper pigmentation, dark marks & discolouration promoting healthy, natural & glowing skin which will bring back confidence in ones skin. We are inspired by beauty derived from the nature and high-grade science to back it up. All our products are handmade to perfection and made with active plant and fruit extracts which is very effective and causes no skin reactions, no redness and also has no chemical smelling ingredients.

Our Aim

We work with damaged dull skin bringing it back to its original state, rejuvenating, restoring and repairing the skin. We aim to treat your skin and its flaws and  imperfections to make you feel beautiful and confident with or without makeup.
Less Makeup,More Skin!

Trained and Certified