Turmeric + Carrot Soap With Niacinamide (Fading, Unifying & Skin Treatment Soap)


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Bring out your natural glow with Turmeric + Carrot Soap and Niacinamide, the perfect skin treatment trio!
Feel the power of nature in every wash with Turmeric + Carrot Soap With Niacin amide! This unique blend of natural ingredients is perfect for fading, unifying and treating your skin. Enjoy the deep orange hue of turmeric and carrot as they come together to soothe away any blemishes or discoloration on your skin while niacinamide provides a nourishing treatment that will leave you feeling soft and refreshed. Let this powerful combination bring out the best in your skin today!

  • Contains a blend of turmeric, carrot, and niacinamide for unifying skin tone and fading dark spots
  • Helps reduce visible signs of acne, blemishes & dullness from the complexion
  • Natural ingredients have natural healing properties to help nourish & soften skin with regular use
  • Features antibacterial characteristics that makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins

How to use:

Wet skin, lather soap, apply to face/body, leave on for few seconds to penetrate the skin, rinse and dry then moisturise. 


Suitable for all skin types and tones 

100% Natural