Brightening face scrub polish

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formulated to restore and protect the skin. It contains a complex blend of active ingredients which makes it highly effective and well accepted by all skin types. 

With Carrot and papaya, Vitamin C, Niacinamide has the ability to boost the brightening effect and help to reduce pigmentation. Your complexion will appear brighter and more uniform.
-Helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture resulting in smoother stronger and more resilient skin.
-Reduces irritation due to whether or lifestyle and stimulates cell metabolism, the skin becomes stronger softer younger and wrinkles tend to decrease 
-Improves the texture of the skin
-Removes blackheads
-Brighten skin tones 
-Promotes clear and smooth skin
-Removes tan
-Promotes cell growth 
-Reduces dark marks 
-Reduces blemishes 
-Reduce acne
-Gives glowing skin
-Exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells which will allow your face cream penetrate your skin deeper.
Apply to damp washed face, rub polish deeply into face in a circular motion covering the whole face, leave on for 10 seconds then wash off. (Better results using an exfoliating glove)