Herbal hair growth oil


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Developed using specially selected herbs and refined to create a potent hair growth stimulant and moisturiser, our products tackle various common problems such as: alopecia, post-partum hair loss, thinning, balding, scalp irritation, dandruff
& dryness.

Each of the bottles contain 18 different herbs combat excess shedding and breakage.
Our herbal oil helps repair damaged hair, hydrates the scalp, helps treat dandruff, and brings about hair growth.

We advise a 48-hour skin patch test is taken before use. If any irritation occurs do not use.

100% Natural

Add a few drops to the affected areas

Alopecia, Dry scalp, Dehydrated hair, Dry damaged hair, Breakage, Balding, Hair loss, Weak hair, Itchy scalp, Shedding and Dandruff.