Glass Clear Vitamin C Face & Body Wash

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Glass Clear Vitamin C Face & Body Wash

For all skin tones that want to achieve glass clear skin and want a luminous glow effect, It brightens your existing complexion and maintains it , fades skin imperfections like discolouration and will give you a more uniform skin tone 🌱✨

 This soap will brighten your existing skin complexion make your skin glow, make it uniformed and give it a glass clear luminous effect

For all skin types and tones

-Brightens existing skin tone from dull tired skin tone
-Gives the skin a luminous glow
-Makes the skin glass clear and baby smooth
-Fades skin imperfections e.g. dark spots/blemishes/patches & hyper pigmentation, discolouration etc
-Makes the skin tone uniformed (one colour)
-Deeply cleanses skin from dirt
-Tackles premature ageing
-Maintains existing skin tone & more

Use day and night as a regular face and body wash, leave on for 1-5 mins then wash off, suitable for sensitive skin