Lightening pink lip balm

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This Pink Lip Balm is designed to target dark pigmented lips and provide a solution to treat damaged lips.


Product Features:

  • Lip Balm Solution: This lip balm is not your ordinary lip balm; it is formulated as a solution specifically for treating damaged lips and lightening/brightening dark lips to a lighter shade.
  • Smoothing and Softening: The lip balm helps smoothen and soften dry lips, providing hydration and a gentle yet active treatment.
  • Natural Pink Color: It aims to keep the lips in a natural pink color while providing hydration and addressing pigmentation issues.
  • Suitable for Various Lip Conditions: The unique formula of the lip balm makes it suitable for individuals with dark pigmented lips from smoking, eczema on the lips, dry and peeling chapped lips, or any other lip conditions. It can also be used by those who desire fairer and lighter lips. 


  • Hydrating Effect: The lip balm has a hydrating effect, beneficial for sensitive lips.
  • Organic Ingredients: It is formulated with natural oils, vitamins, and undisclosed secret ingredients that aim to bring back the color and lost shine in the lips, while also removing dark stains and retaining the lost pink lip color.
  • Dark Spot Fading: The balm solution is said to work wonders for fading dark spots on the lips and dark stains.
  • Wrinkle and Dead Skin Removal: It helps remove wrinkles and dead skin, promoting healthier-looking lips.
  • Lipstick and Nicotine Stain Removal: The balm solution addresses the issue of removing lipstick and nicotine stains from the lips.

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply on Fingers: Take a small amount of the lip balm on your finger.
  2. Massage on Lips: Gently massage the balm onto the lips, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Sun Protection: It is recommended to use a lip balm with SPF to protect the lightened lips from sun exposure, as the sun can darken the lips. Keep the lip balm away from direct sunlight.
  4. Lip Scrub: For the best results, it is suggested to use the pink lip scrub and lip balm together.

 Suitable for sensitive skin, all skin types, and is unisex and a chemical-free solution.