Lightening pink lip balm

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BESTSELLING Fast & Effective Pink Lip Balm  

Say NO to dark pigmented lips 

This is Not your ordinary lip balm, this is a lip balm solution formulated to treat damaged lips  

This lip Balm solution is fast and effective in lightening/brightening dark lips to a lighter shade.
It helps smoothen and soften your dry lips and is gentle yet so active on the lips. It hydrates the lips & keeps them natural pink colour 

Our unique formula is great for smokers that suffer with dark pigmented lips over time, those that suffer with Eczema on the lips, dry pealing chapped lips and any other lip conditions or simply for those that just want fairer lighter lips.

It has a hydrating effect for sensitive lips formulated with a amazing organic ingredients like natural oils & vitamins & our secret ingredients which we use to brings back the colour and lost shine in the lips, also it removes dark stains and retains the lost pink lip colour.

This lip balm is excellent & works wonders for Dark Spot fading on the lips & dark stains.

Our balm solution also removes wrinkles and dead skin, removes dry chapped lips, skin damage repairer, removes nicotine & lipstick stains.

Apply some on your finger and massage on the lips. Use a SPF on your lips while using the balm so the sun doesn't darken your lightened lips. Keep balm directly away from the sun.

For the best results use our pink lip scrub & lip balm together.

Suitable for sensitive skin, all skin types & is unisex.

Chemical free solution.