Brightening Egyptian black liquid soap

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Embellie Egyptian black soap is not your ordinary black soap. This special black soap will not only BRIGHTEN your skin it will give your skin a healthy GLOW, it will make it more even by fading all Dark spots/marks, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, scars, patches & acne.
-Smoothens the skin
-Brightens and evens the skin tone 
-Clears/fades hyper-pigmentation and skin conditions 
-Exfoliates removing dead skin 
-Removes redness and green veins
-Restores damaged skin from bleaching and sunburn 
- Treats bad body odour
-Deep cleanses and much more...
-Use on face and body 
-Lather soap and apply to the face and body in circle motion preferably using exfoliating gloves or sponge for deeper cleansing 
-leave soap on for 1-5 minute on skin before washing off so it can penetrate properly
-Shake very well before use
Avoid contact to eyes and exposure to the direct sun. if irritation occurs on the skin discontinue use.