Arabian Coffee Scrub, Stretch marks & Cellulite Scrub, Exfoliating Body Scrub

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This product provides an intense exfoliation for the skin, effectively treating various concerns such as stretch marks, cellulite, flaky dead skin, body acne, blemishes, and dark spots. It also helps in removing ingrown hair, leaving the skin feeling smooth and promoting a brighter, glowing, and more subtle complexion. The product is made with 100% natural ingredients. 

How to use:

  1. Apply the scrub to an exfoliating sponge, brush, glove, or flannel.
  2. Wet your body.
  3. Gently scrub the product onto your skin using big circular motions.
  4. Leave the scrub on your skin for 1-5 minutes.
  5. Rinse off thoroughly.
  6. Avoid introducing water into the product to maintain its quality and effectiveness.