Baby body butter

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Baby body butter  is 100% safe & highly effective for their skin, only quality ingredients have been used.
What skin food are you using on your baby? Make sure you are feeding your baby skin with the best organic skincare it needs to be nourished & healthy. Babies have naturally sensitive skin it is important to keep an eye on the ingredients in their skin care products.
Formulated to treat, soften & deeply moisturise baby skin, giving it a healthy vibrant look 
Sadly most baby skincare on the market is full of artificial ingredients & parabens.
-Deeply moistures very dry skin & keeps skin moist all day.
-Treats baby skin conditions like rashes, bumps, eczema, chicken-pop marks & More (Fast relief formula)
-You will see your baby skin looking beautiful and glowing after using this body butter 
-A Little goes a long way due to its concentrating formulation.
-Use daily on baby skin after bath, massaging into the skin.
To help you combat your kids skin conditions & to better health & appearance of your baby skin.
To provide safe healthy and effective baby skincare.
-Added Fragrance Free
-Plant Based
-Edible ingredients 
-Synthetic ingredients free
-For all skin types
-Suitable for sensitive skin