Active body wash

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Active body wash is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. A Nourishing organic mild skin lightening complex which will even out the skin tone, brighten dull tired skin, smoothen, clear and tackle premature ageing all keeping the skin glowing. 

A Damaged skin restorer.

-Intense skin brightening 
-Evens out the skin tone 
-Fades dark areas and hyper pigmentation 
-Fades spot
-Clears and Smoothen the skin
-Fades white patches 
-Fades Sun burn
-Gently exfoliates 
-Minimises large pores and oily skin
-Intense skin cleanser
-Alleviates bad body odour 

Use day and night as a regular body wash, leave on for 1-5 mins then wash off, suitable for sensitive skin 
100% natural