Acne, spots & pimples face soap

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This formula helps reduce the appearance of acne/scars and rough skin texture for clearer and smoother even skin tone . its a great facial bar cleanser that improves the skin tone , helps unclog pores and drys up acne, pimples, fades scars, dark spots and hyper pigmentation.


-Helps to keep acne prone skin clean

-Balances oily skin
-Smoothen the skin
-Unclogs the pores
-Removes black head and whiteheads
-Fades scars, dark spots and hyper pigmentation
-Drys up acne, spots and pimples
-Prevent breakouts, and lessen active ones
-Evens out skin tone

Wet the face then lather soap and apply on the face using your hands or a flannel rubbing in circular motions for 1 minute , leave on the face for 5 minutes before wash off for best results. Use morning and night.

Always keep your bar soap clean and dry after use and away from sitting in water to prevent bacteria.

Made with active botanical herbal powders and plant extract