Skincare Tips


Cleaning your skin and face regularly is vital. This simple hygiene routine will leave your skin and face looking and feeling healthy. Daily cleansing helps remove dirt and oil build up, boosts hydration and helps maintain your skins radiance. Plus it helps complexion correction products work to the best of their ability.


Exfoliating the skin helps improve the skins complexion, smooths the skins surface, helps remove dead and dry skin cells,  helps prevents acne bacteria build up and helps eliminate oily skin.

Aim to exfoliate your face and body twice a week.  This will help remove the build-up of dead skin cells, and clear clogged pores, without removing to many vital natural oil from your skin. 


Cleansing your skin with a tonic is an essential part of skin lightening. This preparation process helps to ensure that skin is free of daily radicals. Toning the skin allows the skin to deeply penetrate the skin hyper-pigmentation treatment, thus aiding the treatment to be more successful.

Its recommended that skin is cleansed twice daily, preferably morning and evening. 


Hyper-pigmentation is when uneven pigmentation disorders such as darkened patches, spots or marks on the skin makes skin look uneven and dull. This occurs when there is excess melanin in particular areas of the skin.

Extensive research into pigmentation has identified that excessive exposure to the sun and other UV lights increases the melanin production, creating uneven shades on the skin.

Finish off your routine with a good sun screen.